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City of Atlanta - Quality of Life Program

Parsons/EGM Joint Venture, Atlanta, GA (City of Atlanta Quality of Life Bond Program)

Boulevard Lorraine Street Resurfacing


East Wesley Streetscape

Moreland Avenue Freedom Parkway

Traffic Calming 

The Quality of Life Bond Program was approved by the voters of Atlanta in order to provide for community improvements throughout the City including sidewalks , plazas & green space, streets, bridges, & viaducts, and traffic control devices. 

With increasing urbanization of the areas in and around the City, there is a pressing need to develop and preserve areas and transportation ways that encourage neighborhood livability, pedestrian mobility and a general improvement of the quality of life in our urban setting.  This bond issue embraces all of these ideals and objectives and allows the City to utilize this base of funds to leverage against Department of Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and private funding to provide many improvements to the City's green space and alternative transportation systems. The following projects have been planned and are underway:

  • Sidewalks (Sidewalk Construction, Intersection Improvements, Streetscape Improvements)

  • The sidewalks portion of the program includes intersection, sidewalk, and streetscape improvements.  Public Plazas and Green space (Green space Enhancements, Livable Community Centers)

  • The public plazas and green space portion of the program includes green space enhancements, and livable communities improvements.

  • Public Streets, Bridges, and Viaducts (Bicycle Signage & Markings, Bridge Improvements, Street Resurfacing, Unpaved Streets).  The public streets, bridges, and viaducts portion of the program includes bicycle routes, bridge improvements, corridors, street resurfacing and construction, and improved paving.

  • Public Traffic Control Devices (Crosswalks, Traffic Control Devices, Traffic Signals & Communications) the public traffic control devices portion of the program includes crosswalks, parking meters, school signs, speed humps, traffic signals, and communications.

  • There are nearly 2000 miles of streets inside the City limits, many of which have been damaged due to structural failures/utility construction. However, this does not include the streets that have never been paved.  These “unpaved streets” are constructed with little more than crush and run and gravel.  The “unpaved streets program” seeks to identify, evaluate, design and properly construct/pave these unpaved streets.

  • Crosswalks Replaced with International Markings this project will replace traditional crosswalks with international style markings. The markings will provide both motorists and pedestrians with a more visible path and direction.


  • Directs and manages a multi-disciplinary team in the development of plans, goals, objectives, policies, and procedures for completion of the program.  Develops project schedule and budget; review project proposal or plan to determine time requirements and allotment of available resources to various phases of the project(s) Facilitation of various capital improvement projects from design development, managing the design process of in-house design staff to or outside design consultants through administrating the construction process of in-house staff and/or outside general contractors. 

·        Quality of Life bond program- The following projects have been planned, are underway and are being managed:

(a)     Sidewalks

(b)     Bicycle Route Signage and Markings

(c)     Unpaved Streets

(d)     International Crosswalks 




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