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Snapfinger/Pole Bridge Plant Expansion


As a member of the Dekalb Water Alliance, a world class team formed specifically to successfully deliver the Snapfinger and Pole Bridge Creek Waste Water Treatment Plant Expansion, EGM, in an engineering role is providing Support Design and Construction Management for this high profile project.



Pole Bridge Filter Effluent Trough


Snapfinger Grit Chamber Grit Screw


Pole Bridge Aeration Basin



  Snapfinger Grit Chamber Cascade Aerator



DeKalb County


On-Call Engineering Services


Developing and writing a safety and health manual for the DeKalb County Department of Watershed Management, to provide a

comprehensive, user-friendly resource for all employees and management.


Working directly with department a management staff, our initial step was to establish goals and objectives for the safety and health manual.  a detailed outline of roles and responsibilities was developed, along with pertinent safety and health topics for each operating group (plants, water quality laboratory, construction and maintenance, office and warehouse, and other field operations).  The manual will also provide specific guidance on training, important recordkeeping and tracking requirements, and effective implementation of department safety and health policies and procedures.



South DeKalb Office - DeKalb Water Alliance





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